Local News


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Netcare 911 has suspended two paramedics for leaving the scene of an alleged racist road-rage accident in Joburg. “The two paramedics who left the scene...

International News


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A crocodile killed and ate a pregnant woman on the shores of a lake in north-eastern Uganda, a senior wildlife official said Thursday, making...
mugabe and tsvangirai

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Enfeebled by its electoral loss to veteran leader Robert Mugabe and a post-vote split, Zimbabwe's opposition Movement for Democratic Change meets on Friday to...

Crazy World

red bull

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Consumers expecting a $10 refund from Red Bull could be bitterly disappointed to find out that the cheque they receive may in fact be...

Entertainment News

francois gissy

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Frenchman François Gissy has strapped a rocket to his bike and shot down a race track at 333km/h, breaking his previous record of 262...